Thursday, April 4, 2013

Non-Scale Victories!

So, I didn't link up this post to the NSV link party, but I should have. Today I have two to share. 1) I didn't abuse my husband. Oh wait, that's probably not what they were talking about when they said non-scale victories huh...

Last night my husband asked me to take the kids to daycare (normally he does since I have to commute an hour to and from work). No problem. I asked him to put my clothes in the dryer so I would have something ready to go in the morning, and I went to bed "early" (aka after feeding baby at midnight). I woke up this morning (he had already left) and the clothes were still in the washer. UGH. I always have a hard time picking out what to wear in the mornings (certain things don't go with certain things..mostly weight related. I don't want to wear tight pants if I don't have something to cover it up, etc.)

After searching my closet I pulled together these clothes. I haven't worn the shirt since before I was pregnant, so I didn't know how it was going to look. I still feel like it's pointing out my mom belly. You know that awkward pouch of skin that is decorated by stretch marks? Thanks kids! I saw a internet meme that said they were tiger stripes...but the meme had the stretch marks on a 115 pounds six pack stomach, so I feel like mine look a bit more like rhino rolls. But hey, no one wants to mess with a rhino either.

So, my first victory was wearing a shirt I haven't gotten to wear in months and even putting heels on. I always feel more powerful in heels (but I only wear them every couple of weeks).

Second victory was lunch (that I'm actually eating right now!). Today was "deluxe nacho" day in our company's caferteria. That sounded delish. I fully planned on eating some delish nachos until I was walking down to the caferteria. I had just read some of your lady's blogs and I decided then and there I wasn't going to eat said nachos. I got a wrap and salad instead. I did get Ceasar dressing, but since I use 1/3 of a packet, I didn't feel so bad about that one.

FYI: This is the very first time I have taken a picture of my food and put it online. I'm now one of "those" people.

So yeah to tiny victories!!

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  1. lol congrats on not killing your husband! I think your outfit looks nice too. Great job with lunch too!