Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Modivation via Pinterest Project

I found these two ideas from Pinterest (don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!)

The first one is putting exercises on popcycle sticks. When you have a spare moment, you pull out an exercise and put in a "done" jar (or next to the jar like I will). Since I haven't done much exercise in the past, I also had to add a couple of words as a cheat so I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. I also put the name of the exercise group in case I wanted to do an entire thigh workout or butt workout (You can see one workout is called "Tame Those Thighs").

Of course, they had to go into a cute jar too. I painted the inside of a wide mouth Ball jar.

The second jar is my work-out tip jar (Also a cute jar with some Mod Podge'd fabric on the outside). Every time I do a workout I put a dollar in. My personal goal is to get something once I reach a certain weight...mostly the weight in which my calves are small enough I can wear tall boots. I'd say skinny jeans but I would have like 1,000 dollars before that would be a good idea. I have my mom's thighs. In fact I had a doctor tell me in middle school there was probably no hope that I would ever have small hips. (I weighed like 110 pounds and still had wide hips) Oh well...could be worse. 

So the money will be used for the boots...but that might change. Money is good motivation. I also love the idea that Katie posted on KTJ Weighing In. You bet against yourself losing weight. Great idea!

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