Monday, August 19, 2013

The Color Run v. Run or Dye

Hello Everyone!

It's time for another cross-over post from my craft blog, The Dabbling Crafter.

This last weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. It was a great weekend. I saw a concert, went to a couple of events with my class and did another color run!

It was by chance that I ended up doing two color runs within 2 weeks of each other. I had already signed up for one, and my friends all started signing up for the second I have two to compare now. 

The two events were for pretty different size. The Color Run was in Des Moines, Iowa. It had around 30,000 participants and went around downtown. Run or Dye was in Rapid City, South Dakota. It definitely didn't have nearly that much...maybe 5,000 or so? It might be less. That's the number the Rapid City Journal is reporting.

If you'd like my tips about running a Color Run and keeping the color, see my other post here.

Packet Pick-Up

Winner: The Color Run

The Color Run had two different packet pick up times where the Run or Dye had only one. You'd think that since The Color Run had a million times more participants ( like 5 times more) the pick up would have taken less time. Nope. It took longer to get checked in to the Run or Dye. Not only that, but the location was out of the way, where The Color Run was in the main part of town. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't have the packet pick up at a sports store like The Color Run did.

The Route

Winner: The Color Run

I understand that The Color Run was in a metro area compared to the location I ran the Run or Dye at, but the Run or Dye run was terribly planned. First off, they didn't leave the fairgrounds they started on. That meant that you ran on grass, asphalt, a trail with potholes the size of a small child, and the best circles inside a building. It was crazy. Plus, I had my Nike+ on for both races. The Color Run was right on. Run or Dye was only 2.6 miles! I imagine people thought they got killer times when they cut a half mile off the race!


Winner: Run or Dye

The Color Run had Blue, Yellow, Orange and Pink. They also had purple and green available in packets. They had a mist water thing too so you would pick up more color. It was a good idea, but the color didn't seem that bright or saturated. Run or Dye had Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink. Purple was also available in packets. You got a bit more color in your packet and it seemed much brighter. 


Winner: The Color Run

The Color Run had a main stage that was pumping out dance music and doing Zumba before the race. Then when you got to the chute, the DJ was pumping music, throwing out free stuff and generally rocking. Not to mention the packet pick up was also a dance party in its own right. They also had a bad arse store to get all sorts of different stuff. (Run or Dye didn't have as much of a selection). Run or Dye didn't have a main stage playing music before the event and the music they did play in the chute was terrible. I mean...come on! Play music to pump me up...not slow songs! The stage they did have after the race was the same problem. Not to mention I swear I heard the "DJ" yelling at people every five seconds ("I told you not to use your packet yet" "You need to pay attention to what's going on up here"). Not the go lucky attitude of The Color Run. Plus The Color Run had more signage that was fun, more people moving around, a unicorn and a conga line!

So, I had tons of fun at each race, but I'll definitely hit up The Color Run again and pass on Run or Dye. I did hear that "Color Me Rad" is a fun race and they use liquid color as well. 

Our "Before" Picture...we may have gotten some paint before the race started.

Our "After" picture

Our friend got crazy insane color!

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Check-In Time!


I haven’t written in a while. Things have been crazy at home and at work, but I have LOTS to share!

First, my weigh-in:

Weight: 247.4 (Old: 248.0. I was down to 237 for my Diet Bet..but that was without breakfast or liquids 12 hours before.)
Hips: 55.5 (55)
Waist: 38 (39.5)
Thigh: 13.5 
Arms: 27.5

I decided to add my arms and thigh measurements in and remove my bust. I couldn’t care if I lost at the bust. I happen to like it where it is. 

I had lost quite a bit for the Diet Bet but I have been a bad bad girl since then. I have been eating out for lunch and dinner and haven’t been running. Of course I also wasn’t blogging because then I would have to own up to the fact I was being bad. Now I’m back on track. Last Friday I ran my 4th 5K! It was a glow run put on by a small town here in Iowa. I hadn’t planned on it, but a few days before it my aunt asked me if I wanted to do it, so I thought why not?

It was pretty clear by my time that I hadn’t been running (during a race I'm usually at around 16.30/17.00 per mile, but this time it was's slow I know but I have super short legs and I'm fat). I didn’t walk though, so I still call it a success. I also spent the entire next day at an amusement park, and I didn’t feel too sore afterwards. 

That’s also a victory!

Ready to Run!
This coming Saturday I’m doing the “official” Glow Run 5K in South Dakota. I am running today at lunch and Wednesday to make sure I’m ready to go. I do prefer the larger 5K’s because 1) I usually push myself harder since I have runners next to me, and 2) If I’m slow, no one notices.

I have decided that I too often reward myself with food. I’ll think, you did well at work, you should get a snickers. Or, you didn’t fall asleep watching tv, you should get some ice cream. (Yes…not sleeping during family time is often a victory for me).

Now I’m going to focus on different more productive rewards. I got some new running shorts on Friday. Mostly because I have no idea where my other pair went and I was on my way to a race. I really appreciate that Scheel’s carries the Nike Extended Sizes. It’s hard to find a store that has them, and you just have no idea of the sizing unless you’re there to try them on. They had some DryFit long sleeve shirts I really liked, but I couldn’t justify the cost especially when it’s still 90 degrees outside. I’ll have to use that as my next reward. I also like their zip down jackets.

Happy Monday and good luck this week on all your goals!