Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Weigh-In & Goals.

So, I decided to finally weight myself. I'm going to try to do it at a consistant time and at a consistant place. Last time I weighted myself, I was at home and it was a random time at night. Today, is more reflective of what I want to do. There's a scale here at work. So I want to use that scale and weigh myself every Monday morning.

On a side note, I started using MyFitnessPal and have pretty much stuck within my diet over the past three/four days! I love the fact I can scan a barcode with my iPad and it pulls up the information. It makes it so much easier to record my food intake!

Today my weight was 248.2. My weight last week (on a different scale, after a meal) was also in the 248 range. So not much change, but I did just start watching my food.

I have to say my goal to watch my portions went really well! I actually went out to eat with my family and made two smart decisions. 1) I got a side salad instead of fries and 2) I only ate half my burger. I saved the rest for the next day at lunch. That's huge for me. My husband also went to Dairy Queen, and I didn't get any ice cream. I instead got the Light Smoothie Mango/Pineapple. I do have to say I felt as satisifed as I would have with ice cream.

I also went grocery shopping and came home with only healthy options. That will make my snacking urges SO much easier to handle. My hubby was a bit peeved I didn't have anything sweet...he's an ice cream addict! I got some whipped yogurt and put them in the freezer as a ice cream substitute. (I heard that it's pretty good.)

Week two of C25K starts today. I'm not so excited about being sore, but I can't wait to see some progress on the scale!


  1. Looks like you are doing great! I really love the barcode scanning option too! Makes life easier sometimes.