Friday, March 29, 2013

Wellness Big Dream Event

I'm extremely lucky to work for a company that cares so much for the health of its employees. We have a gym on site (and it's fully stocked...not just one machine and a few free weights.) We have a locker room. There are on-site exercise classes and an on-site coordinator of everything. I have absolutely no excuse not to exercise except my laziness!

Recently they had a event called the "Wellness BIG Dream Event" where you would go into a conference room, fill out a sheet with your Wellness Dream and put it on the board (it was anonymous). You could look at other people's dreams and leave encouraging comments or advice. After the event, the fitness coordinator sent everyone their sheets back.

I had the dream of losing 40 pounds (which would be my weight when I got married...and its my 5 year anniversary this year). In all actuality, I'd like to be the weight I was in college, but hey, small steps! I also want to keep up with this blog and connect with other people. I have already "met" fellow bloggers that are in the exact situation (in fact, so many are just like my situation it's a bit eery).

Here is the sheet I did and the responses I got (click to enlarge). What a great program!


  1. That is awesome that your work place has that program!

  2. I'm pretty lucky. I just need to make sure I use all the programs they have to offer!