Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eat by your blood type?

I ran across this pin today (don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!)

It's kinda like a horoscope that's blood based and tells you what to eat. I wish it would tell me what blood type was compatible with mine like horoscopes do....make my vampire-isc match making easier. Talk about a new pick up line. What's your blood type? Not creepy at all.

I am B Postitive. According to this article I am:

"TYPE B 3 Character Traits: Individualistic, relaxed, unconventional Your Diet: Type Bs emerged when type Os moved to the Himalayas as nomads, domesticating animals and living on meat and dairy. Modern Bs should rely on lean red meat (like lamb, venison and beef) and fish, and choose turkey over chicken. Because of a sugar present in milk, Bs should work dairy like yogurt, cheese and milk into their diet each day. Your Personality: You throw yourself into projects you love, always sticking to your goal, even when it’s against the odds. Since you follow your own rules, you’re not the most cooperative of the blood types. And because you pay attention to your thoughts more than your feelings, you can sometimes come off as cold. What to Eat: Fill up on leafy greens and vegetables, and fruits like bananas, grapes, plums and pineapple. What to Avoid: Take it easy on grains and avoid corn, buckwheat, rye and wheat since they can alter your ability to metabolize. (Same goes for nuts and seeds, so avoid peanuts, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.) Dinner Tonight: Broiled fish with roasted yams and rosemary, steamed vegetables and mixed fresh fruit. Your Workout: Maintaining the mind/body balance is essential, so go for exercises that challenges both, like tennis, martial arts, cycling, hiking or golf. "

Well let's hope some of it's true. I sure like the part about "sticking to your goal, even when it's against the odds."

What do you think of this idea? Think there's anything to it?

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