Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love it or Leave it: Nutrisystem Review

I know I said I haven't really tried to lose weight before. I have tried different things hoping for a quick fix, and when they didn't work, I just quit. So, while I tried different products, I never really had my heart into it. I did get some knowledge of different products and services, and I hope to share my experiences via these new posts: Love it or Leave it.

My first review is of the Nutrisystem program.

Product or Service: Nutrisystem

When I tried it: About a year and half ago

How long I tried it for: A month and a half.

How much weight did I lose: 0

Positives: It was really easy to pick food to take for lunch. I started eating breakfast for the first time in a long time. I found I wasn't as hungry while between meals at work.

Negatives: The food was TERRIBLE. And when I say terrible, I actually threw up after just smelling one of the meals! (the BBQ wrap). The pizza and some of the breakfast items were the only ones I could bare to eat. The soups were pretty watery (suppose that's where the lack of calories are coming from), and the snacks had a very unusual taste to them..I imagine it's what food tastes like when you're slowly being poisoned by a homicidal spouse. The price was pretty steep and it's not exactly easy to cancel. It was hard to make meals for my family and then eat one of these quasi-foods

Love it or Leave it: Leave it.

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