Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exercise Clothes: Plus Size Finds

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

It was a long wet weekend here in the midwest. We didn't get to do a whole lot outside on our Memorial Day weekend. My in-laws were visiting Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday my hubby and I (and kiddos) did a little shopping. I bought two new pieces of workout clothing. I know my husband is on the exercise bandwagon when he doesn't even bat an eye at me spending $80 bucks on shorts and a tank top.

I have done lots of googling lately on where to buy plus size workout gear. I do find it ironic that I finally get my butt into gear and I can't find anything to cover said butt.

A few weeks ago I went into Kohls and found some running legging capris that fit. They were XL and from FILA. (I got this pair and this pair...the first is a bit more comfy and compressing) They are quite comfortable to run in, although I've quite the time trying to get over the fact I'm wearing spandex in public with such a huge rear end. I have been wearing longer shirts, but I still have to remind myself over and over again that it doesn't matter what I look like because I'm getting out and moving and the haters gonna hate! I see that FILA does over extended sizes online, although I found their XL very stretchy.

I did want to find a nice tank top and shorts to wear. When I think running shorts, I think way...way...too shorts. I don't know why spandex butt is okay but short shorts butt is not. But that's how I think. I went into a large sports store and looked around. There was so much cute stuff but I knew none of it would fit me. I finally broke down and asked an employee if they carried any of the Nike extended sizes. I don't know why it took me so long to ask. I guess I felt I would get judged if I dare ask where the plus size exercise gear...like it was a oxymoron or something. She was very kind and continued to follow up with me once I tried everything on. I found two pairs that fit me  (This pair and this pair) and a tank that fit me too (Kinda like this one). I decided that I would stick with the longer grey pair for now (the first link). I could have gone a size down in my shorts but I decided I'd rather them be a bit baggy in case I decided to wear my leggings underneath. I was running late today so I knew I would have to skip my run and lunch, but I'm super excited to get out a run with them! Yay Nike for making extended sizes!!!

My running is going so well! Well, make no doubt about it, I'm slow. In fact some 80 year old man sped walked past me last week. I almost stopped to take a picture it was so ridiculous. Last Wednesday the weather was BEAUTIFUL. It was overcast and cool, and I felt like I could run forever! I ended up running 2.70 miles without stopping! Whoop whoop! C25K has been so awesome for me. I highly recommend the program! I think I might make my 5k without walking! I took some pictures after my run of the beautiful lake I'm fortunate enough to run around three times a week.

Wednesday's Run. Overcast and so wonderful to run in!

Friday's Run. Much sunnier and warmer, but still nice.

It's not a remote area...its right off downtown. However, last Wednesday a deer ran next to me! I think he was quite lost. It was a crazy sight to see.

Keep on everyone!!! :)



  1. I need some new workout clothes too. I bet yours look great! Don't worry about how you think you look - function is the most important. Isn't funny how we're afraid to ask about plus sized workout clothes or for people to see us workout? I mean, how else are we supposed to change!? Also, it's not like they can't see we rock a bit larger size! :)

    Way to go with your running! I can't imaging running that long without stopping!


  2. I always say I run like a tortoise. Honestly, I speed walk as fast as I run. The difference is I have a little bounce in my step. Great finds on the workout gear! I've been keeping it simple at the WalMart for now. Keep up the good work!
    Lulu and Daisy

  3. Sounds like you are doing fantastic!! I am not much of runner....but I do like to walk.

    I have found some really exercise clothes at JC Pennys. They are pretty reasonable.

    Have a great rest of the week!!


    Stopping by from KTJ's

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have issues finding good plus size workout gear too!