Monday, June 17, 2013

First 5K Done!

I am so excited to share that I finished my first 5K this past weekend! I was pretty nervous leading up to the race. I don't really get nervous usually. I was afraid that I had a bunch of people coming to watch me and I would fail miserbly.

But, I didn't! I actually did better that I have during the past 10 weeks of training. My miles were about 3 minutes shorter than they were last week when I did my 5k practice. I was really proud of my effort!

However, I did take a little break. About a half mile in, I had to use the restroom. By 1.5 miles, I was practically dying. I had to take a mini detour to a McDonalds to use the restroom. My husband joked that I was the first person ever to visit a McDonalds during a 5k race.

I can't wait to do my next race. It was quite the rush to slap my fellow co-worker's hands as I crossed the finish line!